About Us

JLC is a small team of expertly experienced concrete and landscape contractors. Here at JLC, we boast more than a decade's experience in each of our service fields, with our staff's experience reaching beyond international boarders to both Australia and the UK.

At the heart of out company are three core aims that JLC strive to include in the every-day running of our services. 

Core Aims:

JLC is a Family Centred company that understands the demands of our client’s every day lives. As such, we aim to provide our clients with an experience that is efficient, reliable and uncomplicated.

JLC aims to provide a level of professionalism that reflects exceptional customer service and efficient communication throughout the process of any project.

JLC aims to be consistently committed to the needs of our clients, providing quality, affordable services with the highest level of honesty,  integrity and efficiency.

What we value:

Honesty: We believe that Honesty plays the most important role in our correspondence with our clients: not only do we pride ourselves on honest communication, but we believe that honestly provides the stepping stone for exceptional customer service and client relationships.


Reliability: As a team, we dedicate ourselves whole-heartedly to a project, meaning that our clients have our full attention 100% of the time until their project is complete.


Timeliness: Whatever we promise, we will work exceptionally hard to deliver. If we are not able to meet a deadline for any reason, we will always communicate this honestly with our clients.

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We complete work throughout Waipa District and wider Waikato 

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